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Buyer Representation

Like other fee-based services, buyers can benefit from professional representation. The advantages include:  gaining time efficiency through vetting and access to more deals, leveraging agent connections and expertise, assurance that the agent is working in the buyer's best interest.  Private, customized counseling is one important aspect of a good buyers' broker.  Sometimes buyers need time to be educated about what is achievable, because unrealistic expectations are a big reason that most potential buyers do not close deals.  Listing brokers know that when we bring a buyer, that buyer has been qualified and educated. We get to know our buyers as much as possible, in order to scout the deals that would work best for them and their circumstances. During negotiations, due diligence, financing, or closing, clients may encounter unpleasant surprises and freeze. We have the experience to have developed information and option to handle many situations that commonly cause a deal to break down. Many investors need help understanding the consequences of various alternatives. We assist buyers by estimating income and expenses and running projections so they can make informed choices. We have conducted rent surveys and line-by-line expense analyses so that clients can see alternatives using major decision criteria, such as cash flow, internal rate of return, net present value, and future wealth.  Being represented offers an advantage in the transaction that can translate into a better deal for all involved.

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