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Due Diligence - We have helped numerous buyers evaluate the merits of a prospective purchase. Tapping into our extensive experience, we have helped many buyers avoid problems and uncover opportunities

Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) or Broker Price Opinion (BPO)  - Quantum Equity's multi step systematic solution sidesteps the pitfalls of guessing by using our advanced research and real-time data, as well as market-specific information to objectively identify comparables and make adjustments. This quality control process provides enhanced scrutiny of the underlying comparable properties that support the BPO to get the most reliable price for a property. Contact us to discuss the difference between an appraisal and a BPO and which would work for you.

Commercial Real Estate  - Are you thinking of adding or altering income producing asset classes within your existing business?  We can guide you through this complicated decision.

Other - From expert witness to assisting with various aspects on the continuum of income-producing real estate, we look forward to finding out more about your situation and exploring ways to work together.

Analyzing the data
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