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Investment Sales

Are you debating a strategy for a particular asset or even all?  Formulating plans includes the disposition option.  For investors looking to sell investment grade properties or portfolios, we offer comprehensive and research-driven transaction solutions. We deliver outstanding results by seamlessly combining capital markets expertise with a unique ability to develop customized solutions for individual clients. We advise all types of investors ranging from private individuals to institutions with a focus on assets with a value of $10 million or more. We work with investors who are looking for top-tier solutions. We will advise you on the winning strategies available to help you achieve a maximum return on your property or portfolio and minimize transaction risk.


Along with an unparalleled commitment to each individual investor, we also draw upon the power of Quantum Equity's industry connections and experts to advise you on fiduciary elements like senior debt.


Commitment, dedication, knowledge, and reach are just some of the reasons clients have been working with us for over ten years.  Year after year we conduct deals that achieve significant financial returns for investors.  Use the contact information below or select CONTACT from top menu above to find out how we can deliver these results to you.

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